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Who Are Your Sellers?

Our sellers are screened for quality and have in-depth growing knowledge.    You find a grower who suits your requirements.      You could even favorite a few in case one week someone is low on stock.

We are encouraging market stall owners to list as well.   If you like your farmers market you can buy weekly from them and have it delivered.

Gardenhood is more than just a marketplace.   It’s also a place for people to share knowledge, contribute and give back.

Why Do You Need my Postcode? 

Gardenhood is designed so you find quality plants and produce right near you.    So we need postcodes to make sure we have enough sellers in your local area.

When Do You Think You’ll Launch? 

Our product is in development, we’re tweaking and refining based on test user feedback.    Sign up to find out the exact date.

Who Is Your Partner Courier? 

Sendle.   We’ve partnered with Sendle because they’re carbon neutral and eco-friendly (read about them here).    Couriers are paid by the buyer to encourage people to buy locally.    Sendle have cheap rates city to city. 

How Long Does Delivery Take?

We encourage people to select sellers who are near them.   Nature is best when it’s picked fresh.    Sendle can deliver city to city within a day.   Interstate is 2 – 3 days depending on distance.

We don’t advise people to buy interstate unless they know that what they are buying keep quality for a few days.

Where will be delivery be placed?

Sendle requires a drop point.    You can place instructions in your profile for delivery which will be picked up when the seller sets up your courier.

Can I pick what goes into my produce box?

Nature is seasonal so winter and summer crops are different.    Your grower can list what they have in a box.

Or they can list mystery box and let you have the fun of planning delicious meals around it.

Is the produce left overs? 

Your produce should be freshly picked.    Sellers are rated by former customers and we try to maintain a high level amongst our sellers.

How Is It Packaged?

Sendle requires correctly boxed items.

If your seller opts to they can deliver boxes personally.   In which case they can choose a bag or a box.

We would like to head towards no boxes and hemp Gardenhood bags which are returned amongst the sellers.    Watch this space.

Can I collect instead? 

Of course, if the seller is open to collection, you are welcome to collect near you.

Are you going to be annoying and spam me? 

NO!   We’ll only contact you in lead up to site launch.   Your details will never be shared, it’s just not cool to do that (and we think it’s illegal too!).

What’s The Social Cause Element? 

We are partnering with organisations who support farmers, growers and the environment.      Our most recent in-kind supporter is Dr David Suzuki

Gardenhood will become a place for farmers, growers, and consumers to connect – we hope to drive a large community and give back as much as we can.